Purrfect Companions

Who is at MKC

Puurfect Companions - Norfolk
All cats at MKC are from Purrfect Companions of Norfolk Cat Rescue, a registered non-profit charitable organization operated by volunteers dedicated to cat rescue and adoption.

Prior to coming to MKC, PCON cats are:

  • spayed or neutered,
  • vaccinated,
  • have been tested for FIV and tested NEGATIVE for Feleuk.
  • and have been microchipped and treated for flea prevention and deworming.

The MKC residents are all adoption ready for a charitable donation fees

  • $180 per kitten or $300 for a two kitten adoption (Under 6 months)
  • $150 per kitty or $250 for a two cat adoption (Over 6 months)
  • $80 for FIV+ kitty or Senior Cat

Please speak to MKC staff if you are interested in finding out the next steps to adopting a resident kitty from Purrfect Companions. Thanks!

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