• The kitties at My Kitty Cafe

    Avocado Birthdate: August 30, 2020 This little calico is absolutely gorgeous! She was very shy and skittish initially at MKC as she previously lived in a quiet foster home with only her foster mom & other kitties for company. She is now joining in when it’s playtime with the other cats and visitors and once she’s comfortable with you, Avocado enjoys attention & will come for pets. She does not like to be picked up and this is something that needs to worked on with her. Over time and in a patient home, she may eventually learn to be a lap cat. This kitty was rescued from an outdoor colony with her siblings at about 3 months of age and the others have now been adopted. Avocado needs a patient adopter who is willing to give her as much time as she may need to adjust in a new environment. She is best suited to a calm home without small children. A home which includes a friendly laid-back cat might help Avocado adjust and feel secure sooner. Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk


    Sutton Birthdate: March 23, 2021 Sutton is an energetic black kitty with a white bikini on his belly and white chest hairs! Sutton plays with all the toys while wrestling with his brother Seth and is the undisputed King of the spring toy. He is very affectionate and will run to his person for cuddles and purrs. He is quite chatty and loves exploring with his brother. Sutton & Seth were rescued from a large outdoor cat colony at approximately 4 months of age and have been together since, both at our shelter and then in a Purrfect Companions foster home. We are seeking applicants interested in adopting a pair of happy, playful young cats so that Sutton & Seth can continue to enjoy life together. Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk


    Seth Birthdate: March 23, 2021 Seth is a solid black boy with silky fur. He loves people and runs fearlessly towards anyone in the room to say hello. He likes to rub against you then flops down showing his belly while purring and kneading the air, inviting you to pet him. He works off the kitty energy by wrestling and chasing his brother Sutton. He loves tunnels, chasing balls and laser lights. This boy and his brother were rescued at approximately 4 months of age from an outdoor colony. They were together in a kennel at our shelter initially and then had the freedom of living in their own room in a foster home. Seth & Sutton are a perfect pair of affectionate, friendly playmates and would love to find a forever home together. Rescue:Purrfect Companions of Norfolk

    Delrose Birthdate: January 2, 2019 FIV+ This pretty calico with tabby stripes has been a resident kitty at MKC for quite a while. She also recently spent time in a home where she learned to show her playful side. Delrose can entertain herself for hours and is quite a vocal chatty girl. She gets along with easy-going cats but also likes one-to-one human attention and helps with kitty chores at MKC. Delrose is a very smart girl who will choose her own person to love her and when she does she will let you know! If you are interested in meeting this lovely girl for possible adoption, early morning or later afternoon appointment times are best. After all, when a girl is this lovely she needs her beauty sleep and has established a regular routine of afternoon nap time while at MKC. Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk

    Vince Birthdate: April 15, 2021 Vince is a little lighter brown in colour than his brother Tony but otherwise these two are the “twins” of their litter. Vince loves to play with all his siblings and also got along well with the adult cats in his foster home. He enjoys being petted and once he knows you will interrupt playtime to come and snuggle. Vince is adjusting well to moving to the kitty cottage at MKC. Born in a PCON foster home he and his siblings are very well socialized kittens all ready for their forever homes. Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk


    Tony Birthdate: April 15, 2021 This handsome dark brown tabby is a laid-back boy. He loves to play with his siblings & loves to eat! Tony enjoys pets and attention but might wait to get to know you before coming to cuddle. Tony and his siblings were born in a Purrfect Companions foster home and are very well socialized with people as well as cats. This lovely kitten is finished his vetting and all ready for a family of his own. Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk


    Gail Birthdate: April 15, 2021 This pretty girl is a dilute torbie. She has grey fur with some orange highlights as well as tabby stripes. Gail is a quiet kitty & can be a little shy initially. Once she gets comfortable she’s happy to join the game with the other kittens and will come for cuddles. This gentle girl may benefit from a calm quiet home with another kitten for company. Gail has lived in foster care since birth and is now all ready for someone to fall in love with her forever. Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk


    Aggie Birthdate: April 15, 2021 This pretty grey tabby girl has beautiful markings. Sweet & affectionate, Aggie has a wonderful personality. This love-bug is good with other cats as well as people and loves to play with her siblings. Aggie has been well-socialized while living in two foster homes and is eager to meet her forever family at MKC. If you are looking to adopt a social friendly kitten who will adapt to a family home then Aggie might just be your perfect match. Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk


    Brawn Birthdate: April 26, 2021 This handsome orange & white kitten is full of energy! There’s never a dull moment when Brawn is around – he’s such an active fellow. His foster mom said he’s definitely the alpha kitty – and needs other young playful cats to keep him busy & out of trouble. A senior kitty might find Brawn’s energy a little too much to put up with. He’s also affectionate and cuddly with his humans in his quieter moments. Brawn has lived in PCON foster care since birth. He had a very rough beginning, born with a virus passed on from his mom during her pregnancy but this strong little guy survived. He’s been fostered with other kittens, adult cats, a dog, a bunny and a bird and should adjust well to a busy home. Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk


    Kactus Birthdate: May 15, 2021 This smokey grey beauty is as regal as a princess and she knows it! Like her sister she has subtle tabby stripes throughout her fur. This lovely girl enjoys all the usual kitten delights of playing with her siblings and chasing a ball as well as eating that yummy wet food! Kactus is a little more skittish than her 2 siblings. When she knows you she does like to climb on your lap for cuddles but is not yet a big fan of being held in your arms. If you like a little Miss who is distinctive in her looks as well as her personality then Kactus just might be the perfect kitty to adopt. Since her Rescue from off a shed roof at 8 weeks of age Kactus has definitely come up in the world. She’s enjoyed life in a foster home with other cats and kittens and now she’s waiting in the kitty Cottage at MKC to meet her forever family.  Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk


    Kalahari Birthdate: May 15, 2021 This pretty girl has subtle tabby stripes that can barely be seen throughout her black fur. Kalahari has a very chill personality, and will snuggle on your lap & soak up all the cuddles for as long as she can. This kitten loves playing with cat toys and kitty tunnels. She previously lived in a foster home with her siblings as well as other cats and this sweetheart gets along with everyone, people & kitties! At 8 weeks of age Kalahari was trapped and rescued by our volunteers from up on a shed roof where her outdoor mama had hidden her kittens for safety. Now socialized and fully vetted, Kalahari is all ready for adoption. If you’re looking to adopt a friendly, easy-going and lovable lap cat then Kalahari is your perfect choice.  Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk


    Tumbleweed Birthdate: May 15, 2021 This handsome orange tabby boy is a chatty personable fellow. He loves to spend time with people and will carry on a conversation. Tumble loves to play in kitty tunnels and is a skillful pouncer on toy mice. This sweet boy enjoys being petted and gets along well with both kittens and adult cats. He’s lived in a foster home which included other cats as well as kittens. Tumbleweed was born outside and rescued with his sisters by our PCON volunteers from where his mama hid him on an abandoned shed roof. Tumble and his sisters are now enjoying playtime in the kitty cottage at MKC and hoping to meet their forever families soon. Rescue: Purrfect Companions of Norfolk